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  November 12, 2017:  Coming in December


For the past year or so I've been shipping assembled 'paint ready' speaker and subwoofer cabinets to people that wanted them.  The flat packs are assembled by a professional cabinet maker, fully sanded, and ready for paint.  I've had a lot of positive feedback so I'm ready to put some of the most requested models up on the site over the next couple weeks to see how it goes.  I also designed a few new overbuilt subwoofer cabinets. Most will need to be shipped on pallets, but if you're ordering other kits, the shipping isn't that much extra most of the time.  That's because I add in money to each kit to cover "free shipping" and that amount can be put towards shipping a full pallet of speakers and subwoofers.

Click Here for more info and photos.


October 30, 2017:  10 New Coming Attractions

I wanted to give a quick notice about some new kits that should be ready soon.  I'll try to list a target price by the end of the week.

Pete Schumacher:  TM and MTM using the powerful 7" Anarchy woofer and a beefy Wavecor tweeter.  Should be ready in about 20-25 days.  This will be called the Apollo.

Paul Carmody: TM, MTM, speaker using a very nice 4.5" woofer and Wavecor tweeter.  Should be ready in about 20-25 days.  They will be called the S2000 series.

Curt Campbell:  TM and MTM using a Celestion woofer and Vifa tweeter.  This will be a high output dome tweeter design.  Should be ready in about 15-20 days.  No name as of now.

Matt Grant:  HTM-8.  It took a while to find the right 8" woofer for this series but the design process has started and should be done in about a month or so.  Possible dual woofer horizontal center channel.

Jeff Bagby:  TM using a nice 7" woofer with a Fountek ribbon tweeter.  This one might take a little over a month.

Pete Schumacher:  Another Anarchy design, but with a new 5.5" (some will call it a 6") Anarchy woofer.  TM and MTM with a Vifa dome tweeter.  This will be called the Ares.  Should be ready in about a month or so.



Our Purpose

With hundreds of speaker designs floating around the internet, it's hard to know which ones are worth building. Our goal is to bring the best audio products from the DIY community together on one site.  When enough requests are made for a proven design, we do our best to set up and organize "Group Buys" or large production runs. With permission from the original designer, we help others build high quality sound gear in the easiest and cheapest way possible. This site is fueled by individuals from the DIY community that offered to help with all aspects of what you see here.  After all, that's what the Do It Yourself community has always been about.



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