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Autotech Horns

Please contact me about ordering the Autotech horns because all models can be custom made with different colors.  In the future I will keep most of the smaller horns and waveguides in stock, but for now, we have to place the order before they can be made in Poland.  We have found a faster shipping company and try to get full pallets delivered, but it's still a long process.  You might have to wait 2+ months to get them.  However, they are well worth the wait and no one has been disappointed!  If I have any smaller ones in stock, they will show on that product page.

AutoTech Tractrix-1000
AutoTech made Tractrix-1000 Read More
AutoTech Tractrix-350
AutoTech made Tractrix-350 Read More
AutoTech Tractrix-200
AutoTech made Tractrix-200 Read More
AutoTech Iwata-600
AutoTech made Iwata-600 Read More
AutoTech Iwata-300
AutoTech made Iwata-300 Read More
AutoTech MinPhase
AutoTech made Minphase Read More
AutoTech JMLC-200
AutoTech made JMLC-200 Read More
AutoTech JMLC-200T
AutoTech made JMLC-200T Read More
AutoTech JMLC-350
AutoTech made JMLC-350 Read More
AutoTech JMLC-400
AutoTech made JMLC-400 Read More
AutoTech Bi-Radial
AutoTech made Bi-Radial horn Read More
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