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The 88 Special

The 88-Special

 By Jeff Bagby

The original idea behind the 88 Special was to design a shallow 9" deep, high output speaker that could be used as a center channel with some of the bigger speakers.  But the concept worked out so well that many people are using them for all 3 front speakers. We wanted to be sure the 88 Special could easily be powered by virtually any receiver on the market, yet still handle the power of an external amplifier if needed.  Eminence helped out and made custom woofers that would give us a very high sensitivity speaker while still maintaining an 8 ohm load for your receiver.

The large SEOS-15 allowed for a low 950hz crossover point between the woofers and compression driver.  That gives the side by side 8” woofers excellent directivity at this frequency and allows them to match up very well to the directivity of the SEOS-15 waveguide.  You end up with a great polar response and a very wide “sweet spot” so that everyone hears the same thing without any significant changes in sound wherever they sit or move around in the room. Very few speakers can match the directivity of the SEOS-15 waveguide.

The 88-Special was designed to perform best when paired with a subwoofer that can handle the lower frequencies.

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The 88 Special
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