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This speaker was designed to perform well in a couple different configurations due to the custom woofer we had made up.  More information on that woofer is at this link.  You can build a one piece tower cabinet with enough internal volume to be used as a ported full range speaker.  Or you can build that same enclosure very shallow and it will work down to 80hz where your subwoofers would take over.  You can also build the speaker into a shorter, deeper box like the older style Cerwin Vega speakers for full range use.  If you are crossing over at 80hz, then that enclosure can be shallow as well.  And there is also the option of placing the woofer on the side of the waveguide/midrange for a center channel type set up.  For sealed enclosures, the woofer only needs about 1 cuft of volume to hit 80hz.  

The original prototype had the 12" woofer in a 'midbass' module with the midrange and waveguide in it's own sealed enclosure sitting on top.  This works out very well and allows you to aim the top portion where you need it without moving the whole speaker.  I will be getting flat packs for this set up soon and already have the top portion if you need it now.

I will get the front panels cut anyway you want them.  One piece, two piece, center channel, sealed, etc.  If you would like a slot port versus the round ports, just let me know.  I will also be putting up box dimensions for each design that you can build.


Maximus-12 LXE
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