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Midbass Modules

The Midbass Module


Todays subwoofers are getting larger and larger and being designed to play much lower frequencies.  Sometimes this can leave a hole in your midbass response if your main speakers can't match up well with your larger subwoofers.  The typical result is that your system lacks the 'kick you in the chest' midbass frequencies everyone searches for.  

So we looked at many different brands of 12" woofers to find one that excelled in this area.  The B&C 12BG100 was really the only model we could find, but it's not easy to get and the cost is $300+.  So I asked Eminence if they could make us something that could meet or beat that model.  The goal was to produce an extremely powerful woofer that could dish out brutal amounts of midbass, but also keep the senstivity fairly high while maintaining a flat enough frequency response so it could be used as the woofer in large 3-way speakers.  Not an easy task.  But after multiple sample testing, they came through for us once again and produced the exact 12" woofer we needed.

More information on this woofer can be found at this link.


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