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The SEOS™ Waveguides


SEOS™ - Super Elliptical Oblate Spheroid

The SEOS™ Project was a huge online effort spanning over 4 years on the AVS Forum.  The ultimate goal was to create a superior waveguide that would significantly improve the audio performance of high sensitivity speakers. The super ellipse shape was chosen to eliminate the on-axis response dip so common in older horns and waveguides on the market. A large round over was applied to the mouth area to eliminate diffraction which allows sound to reach the listener in it's full purity. And because the SEOS is wider than it is tall, the woofer can be placed closer to the center of the waveguide which minimizes vertical nulls.  

The result is the class leading SEOS providing many benefits over other waveguides:

- Superior directivity control

- Linear horizontal coverage for great off axis response

 - Reduced vertical coverage for less ceiling and floor reflections

- Extremely wide listening area giving you a huge sweet spot

- Improved imaging and clarity for both music and home theater use

- Reduced High Order Modes to do away with the dreaded 'horn honk'



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