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15" Cube

This subwoofer flat pack is made from highly refined CARB 2 compliant MDF, not like the stuff from most home improvement stores.  It's cut with an automated CNC router so that every piece fits together perfectly in rabbet joints and dado grooves.  This makes it easier and more accurate to assembe, and also gives you a stronger enclosure because there's more surface area for the glue to bond to.

The enclosure is tuned at 21hz with a net volume around 4cuft and was originally designed to work very well with the Eminence Lab15 or the Dayton Audio RSS390HO 15" subwoofer.  The well thought out slot port design allows you to assemble the entire cabinet quickly and easily with no need for screws or nails.  A low tuning of 21hz will give you impressive output under 20hz in your room.

Kit Options

There are currently two kit options to pick from.  Both of these kits will give you incredible performance, even in fairly large rooms.  Your kit will come with the amp cut out already made for the 500 watt BASH plate amp.  After assembling the cabinet we recommend that you line the inside walls with acoustic foam, polyfill stuffing, or denim insulation without blocking the port.  


For detailed instructions on how this flat pack can be assembled, please go here:

Cube15 Assembly


Links to other Cube15 builds:

(Coming Soon)

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