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18" Stonehenge

This subwoofer flat pack is tuned just under 19hz with a net volume around 5.4cuft and cut for most 18" woofers.  It got its "Stonehenge" name from the shape of the internal bracing.  The well thought out design physically connects every screw used in the woofer to its own brace.  This not only locks it securely to the front panel, but also directly through to the rear panel of the cabinet.  The Stonhenge bracing system completely eliminates front and rear panel flex allowing all of the energy from your 18" subwoofer to be transferred into massive sound pressure levels in your room.

Placement Options

The cabinet was designed taller and wider so we could cut down on the overall depth.  At only 16" deep it opens up many room placement options that you just don't have with standard cabinets that stick out over two feet into your room.  Use it behind your projector's screen, hugging the front side wall, or even tucked behind your couch!

NOTE: The standard Stonhenge has the port firing out the right side of the cabinet.  I now have a left sided port option as well.  If you plan on buying two enclosures, I recommend getting one of each so that you will have a symmetrical pair giving nearly unlimited room placement possibilities.  


For detailed instructions on how this flat pack can be assembled, please go here:

Stonehenge Assembly


Links to other Stonehenge builds:

AVS Froum Member ClemsonJeeper

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