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Light weight and high output.

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From the Designer: The HTM-12 is the most capable of the current HTM lineup and suitable for use in very large home theaters.  Even though it's the largest and most powerful of the HTM's it does so without compromising sound quality. It shares the same compression driver from the HTM  lineup with the Mylar diaphragm providing smooth yet detailed high frequencies, and the 1.75" voice coil handles extreme dynamics and high output levels with ease. The 12" Deltalite woofer with a high powered neodymium magnet gives this speaker a very well balanced and detailed sound over the bass, mid-bass, and midrange.  The large SEOS-15 waveguide has excellent directivity control for a very wide "sweet spot" so everyone hears the same thing without any significant changes in sound no matter where they sit in the room.         


Product Notes: 

With a depth of only 9.75" they will easily fit behind acoustically transparent screens if needed.  Like the rest of the HTM series, they are designed so they can be mounted normally or in a baffle wall.  The HTM-12's are capable of being used as matching Left/Center/Right speakers in very large rooms. They're also great in more moderately sized home theaters giving effortless reference level playback from AVR's with even modest power output.  


Product Highlights:

  • Very detailed sound with superb dynamics.
  • Extremely low distortion from the woofer and compression driver.
  • Easy to power with a true 97db 2.83v/meter sensitivity.
  • Quality name brand components.
  • SEOS-15 waveguide gives you a larger 'sweet spot'.
  • Will handle 500 watts and play over 120db.
  • Designed to work best for home theater when paired with a subwoofer system.






Minimum order is 2 speakers: If you ordered one in the past and need one for a center, please contact me. Kits are sold as full kits, sorry no substitutions or subtractions. Don't forget binding posts, terminal cups, or speaker spikes if you need them because they can be shipped for free with any kit or flat pack purchase.

Shipping Note: Most speaker kits currently ship for free, but flat packs normally do not.  We try to get your order packaged and shipped in 5-8 days depending on how many orders have come in.  Please read the 'Frequently Asked Questions' section for more information.

  1. A nice pair of speakers. review by David H on 1/27/2018

    (Posted on 1/10/18 from the old site)

    This is my first time building a speakers so take this review with a grain of salt.
    I chose this speaker because it had the option for pre-assembled crossovers.

    Packaging - Really good. People talk about the packing skills of Erich but you can really appreciate it until you see it firsthand. Everything was well packaged, and reinforced with foam/edge guards when necessary.

    Quality - Everything seemed to be very high quality. The compression drivers were a lot heavier than I expected especially in comparison to the woofers. Flat pack was cut nicely.

    Ease of Build - Overall this took me a day to finish everything after I glued the flat packs together. The hardest part for myself was actually crimping and cutting speaker wire, as well as wiring up the drivers correctly (Remember folks, red is positive)

    Sound - I only listen to music on them. Overall, they are very clear and the imaging is great. They have a very well balanced and smooth sound.

    Make sure you do your homework when deciding on building these as you also need to consider such as wood clamps, wood glue, wire crimper, speaker wire (yeah I know), etc. or you will be making multiple trips over to Home Depot to pick up things you missed out the first time around.

    Overall, this was a fun weekend project. I would definitely recommend this others if they have the time and patience. The assembly tips on this website were also a huge lifesaver.

  2. Simply the BEST/BREATH TAKING! review by mkohman on 1/27/2018

    (Posted on 1/10/18 from the old site)

    I initially was going to wait a couple of months before I wrote this review but after watching "Blade Runner 2049" I was dying to come and write this review :) ...

    Before I get into any of that I want to start of with stating that my previous speakers (XTZ Cinema Series) were no slouch. I was extremely satisfied with their performance and had been using them in my home theatre to watch movies for just over 2 yrs. I came across DIYSG by luck really as a recommendation from a fellow forum member and once I started reading up about it I was extremely intrigued and wanted to discover this new world (for me anyway). I was sceptical at the same time may I add. However, emailing Erich back and forth (sometimes 4-5 times a day) I was convinced that this was the route I wanted to take , to experiment.

    May I add to the above what a fantastic guy Erich is for being patient, sharing his knowledge and replying to my emails promptly with true and honest opinion and advice. After several emails and discussing my requirements etc, Erich recommended the HTM-12's which I also found very convenient as it was the exact size I was looking for to go behind my AT screen / Baffle Wall.

    Delivery was prompt and the packaging was a work of art thanks to Erich. Truly has to be seen to believe what effort and dedication Erich put's into the packaging in order to ensure everything arrives safe and sound at the other end. I can't move forward without mentioning the ready assembled crossover boards which are also a work of art in it's own thanks to Matt. Beautifully assembled and rather compact for this size speakers.. Thank you.

    Now onto the good stuff lol :) .. I have only watched a hand full of movies with these beauties in action (probably 30 hrs or so) including movies and quick demos of clips I am familiar with. All I can say is that these are hands down the best speakers I have owned in my setup and heard in my home cinema, period!

    As I said before my previous speakers were no slouch and these are hands down better in every way...

    The opening scene in The Fate of The Furious (Fast and Furious 8) , absolutely amazing, the roaring of the engines at the beginning of the race, the crowd in the b/g cheering them on, the NOS when it kicks in, the explosion of the car once it hits the kerb, speech , music , dynamics were all on point, to the point where I felt like I was watching the movie for the first time.. Also the prison fight scene.... AMAZING!

    Trolls the movie, the kids loved it and I loved it more than them LOL.. Again stunning sound, music and extremely clean dialog throughout the movie.

    IT, all I can say is the dynamics and the performance of the HTM-12's were like nothing I have heard before.. Absolutely mind blowing.. Clean, crisp, from normal level to insanely loud and terrifying sound and music throughout the movie.. Our hearts were in our mouths lol.. My brother said "this is better than being at the cinema" lol.. Prior to watching the movie I also demoed some clips (opening scene of Unbroken and opening scene of Dunkirk..) again the performance, dynamics are at a calibre I could never have imagined.. So much headroom tons of it.. That much that I will never use these beauties to their full potential..

    To top it all off, tonight ... Blade Runner 2049... This movies in itself was just a feast for my eyes and ears.. So much to say but I won't as there probably are people who are yet to watch it so wouldn't want to spoil it for them.. However what I will say is, the soundtrack, the dialog, the dynamics , the scenes where the flying car takes off and fly's in general throughout the movie, the gun shots, the explosions... WOW.. let's leave it at that shall we lol :)

    Adele Royal Albert Hall concert.. I mean this Bluray always sounded amazing with my previous speakers and with the HTM-12s it sounded even better.. Louder, clearer, more depth.. The crowd sounded amazing, the musicians and Adele was in my room

    Breaking of glass in Watchmen the opening scene, it has never sounded like this before.. The horn tweeters are truly a work of art in its self.. I have not tried toe in and won't for now as it sound absolutely awesome as it is but may experiment in a couple months to see what all the fuss is about..

    Finally , I want to thank Erich and Matt for putting such an amazing speaker / crossover together and giving us the opportunity to experience their amazing sound in our very own homes.. Thank you...

    I can honestly say I will more than likely never purchase a commercial set of speakers again and would recommend the HTM-12's to anyone who is considering in purchasing them ..

    I hope you find this review somewhat helpful and wish you all a very happy 2018 :)

  3. Awesome! Best Sounding Speakers I have Ever Owned! review by nxs450 on 1/27/2018

    (Posted on 12/24/17 from the old site)

    I have been a home audio enthusiast for over 40 years. I had heard about DIY speakers but really never looked into it. I was on AVS Forums one day talking about my proposed theater build, and asking about which speakers I should use. Another member there suggested that I build the Titans, and pasted a picture of them with a link to DIYSG. The picture of the Titans got my attention right away, and I made my first trip over to DIYSG.

    After that I started researching Erich's offerings at DIYSG and realized what a great deal his speakers are. After talking to Erich we decided that the HTM12's would be a great choice for my room, and that the Titans would be way to much for my small room. Not only that the Titans were out my budget, however I would probably made it happen if they were the ones!

    Also Erich is a really great guy to work with, and his customer support is 2nd to none. He usually replies to my emails with-in a few minutes, and answers all of my stupid questions. lol

    Now for the speakers, I ordered them with crossovers already assembled. The packing was hand made to fit the items shipped and was impressive on it's own. Nothing was going to be damaged in shipment, that for sure! The kits went together perfect, and did not take much time at all. Since mine were going behind a AT screen I painted them with black wall paint I had for my room.

    After firing them up the first time, running Audyssey, and adjusting toe in on left and right speakers to approx. 40 degrees which dramatically improved imaging, (these speakers seem to like a lot of toe in) I put in eagles Farewell DVD (DTS) and slowly cranked it up. I was blown away. I'm know expert but I know when I like the sound of something,

    The best I can describe is the sound is very detailed, and crisp. I could hear things on the disc that I never noticed before. The vocals were very clear and I experienced what sounded like a person standing in front of a mic in a live concert.

    After the Eagles I plugged in the new Mad Max, and was equally impressed with movie sound. Same thing. very detailed, and dialog was spot on I don't know what else to say but, Awesome! Best Sounding Speakers I Have Ever Owned!

  4. Simply Amazing review by Paul on 1/27/2018

    (Posted on 12/6/17 from the old site)

    I heard that these htm12s would blow me away and I could not be more impressed. The sound is so clear and full. I've owned a lot of commercial gear in my day and nothing comes close to the sound I'm getting from these speakers. The kits were easy to assemble and the packaging was top notch. You will not be disappointed!

  5. Stunning! review by liammonty123 on 1/27/2018

    (Posted on 11/19/17 from the old site)

    First of all I have only had hi fi style low sensitivity speakers in my cinema before. These performed adequately for music however when playing films they strained and distorted which is uncomfortable to listen to. With these it's a totally different story. When running two channel for music they sound stunning and so effortless. With two running I found no need to even turn on the sub. Others have mentioned how bass can be weak however this comes down a lot to room placement. In my room the slam and attack is very visceral, when cranked my brother commented 'I can feel it in my chest' which is exactly what I'm going for. Don't get me wrong these aren't bass monsters and should not be used so. They don't have low low bass required for films and why should they? I found however that they have actually more 30hz up bass than my BKXLS200 which isn't surprising. I will need to upgrade my subwoofer system to keep up with these monsters. As far as the highs go they are the most detailed I've ever heard. They sound crystal clear at all volumes and as you know can be pushed to very very high levels. I haven't had a good chance to play movies through these yet however I did play the motorbike chase scene from rouge nation and these portrayed the grunt of the bikes and the impact of the gun shots perfectly. Overall I am made up with these and would regard them as the best speakers I've spent money on!

  6. Stop looking, you have found the most impressive speakers for HT you'll find, amazing coverage review by Rob on 1/27/2018

    (Posted on 8/14/17 from the old site)

    To understand the real value of these speakers would require a lot of research, you would want to look at the SEOS waveguide design thread, which covered several years, you would want to understand crossovers, speaker size, depth, driver size, capability, sensitivity, etc.

    But in truth, these are simply the best speakers you can purchase for any price up to 3x what they cost. Putting them together is quite easy, the flat packs are amazing and the crossovers are prebuilt, making this something a relative novice can do.

    While I could go on for a long time explaining the benefits, I'll instead point you to my build thread, where you can find all the details of the build, their performance, the good and the bad.

    If like me you were unaware of floor bounce and floor loading related to monitors vs floorstanding speakers, I do suggest you take a moment looking into it. In my case, I went with some MBMs to address this issue. it was not necessary, but for the details of this simply go to the build thread I have. There is a very extensive review of the speakers along with measurements. Just buy them, and stop obsessing. They are that good!

  7. Excellent Speaker review by OJ on 1/27/2018

    (Posted on 8/9/17 from the old site)

    I am past overdue with some proper listening impressions of these fantastic kits. I put in a little bit of listening time over the last week, both in the background at low and high volumes, and sitting on the floor so my head is level with the tweeters, and listening more critically. Initially, I had an old (hard drive style!) iPod hooked up to my retired receiver and was experiencing some odd distortion and artifacts. I think that was due to a) using really old low bitrate mp3s, and b) the iPod not having much output voltage. Once I swapped my phone playing some high quality streaming music the quality improved drastically.

    With the better source input, these speakers became clear, articulate, punchy, clean, and dynamic. There's a big change in the sound moving into and out of the waveguide's sweet spot, especially when listening at closer distances. The vertical dispersion seems to be more limited, as you would guess from the shape of the WG, and I am guessing this will make for the more critical aspect of final placement. Having said that, once I moved farther back into the room, even way off axis they still sounded smooth and clear.

    The midbass impact was hard for me to really get a good handle on, but I think that is almost all due to placement and room issues. There were places I found listening off axis that had great full midbass, but when I moved back into the sweet spot I lost a lot of it. They are currently on the floor, so I'll make an effort to do some listening with them elevated in the future. Based on what I can piece together from my walking around though, I believe these will have a great "full" midbass sound, and I can feel some of the "punch" that I was hoping for. They will definitely need subs, but listening to some electronic/EDM/house type music without them still sounded really good. Vocals on more subdued material sounded very clean and clear, without sounding too "clinical". In comparison to the Paradigm Monitor 7s that I'm used to, I think they sound a little more "open" and detailed. It's hard to pin down exactly what I'm hearing, but it is an improvement.

    I haven't run across any music that didn't agree with these speakers yet, and I doubt that I'm going to. Their primary function will be movies eventually, and I have not had a chance to set up all 3 for a movie test yet. I'm looking forward to that, especially if they can bring the same qualities to the table that they do with music. I'm very happy with the way these turned out, and DIYSG and Matt and Erich have put together a really great L/C/R speaker in my opinion.

  8. Amazing review by corny 22 on 1/27/2018

    (Posted on 6/29/17 from the old site)

    I have had my htm 12s for about 3 weeks now, and they are so nice. The sounds that these speakers produce are incredible. I ordered top gun blu ray, and holy cow do these speakers sound awesome! I have the volt 10 lxs for rears and the system right now is just incredible. The jet scenes are amazing. Music is great as well. Crystal clear at all levels. These are amazing speakers. My next build will be the 615s for lcr, then 12s for rears and volt 10s for atmos. I cant imagine how nice that will be. But will be in a big semi dedicated theater. Im sure it will be beyond awesome. Bottom line is the htm 12s may not look real big, but don't let the size fool u, they play very big indeed.

  9. Reference Product review by Cinema Sound Fan on 1/27/2018

    (Posted on 6/1/17 from the old site)

    As AVS Cam Man, I have reviewed the HTM-12 in my build thread there. I built two HTM-12s as the L/R mains to join an 88 Special center and six Volt-10LX surrounds. I was quite concerned about whether the HTM-12s and the 88 Special would perform in harmony together. Even after installation and EQ they do not voice identically listening/measuring with pink noise but... after five months of listening I can say that I have not once noticed the difference in program content. Ideally, three HTM-12s would make up the LCRs.

    I join the other reviewers in their impressions. This is an extraordinary speaker that is powerful down to 60Hz to 80Hz depending on the volume of your room. I totally agree that high passing in that range give this speaker the ability to perform in a very large room. You can go bigger than the HTM-12, but few rooms in our homes will be big enough to need to. Horizontal dispersion is excellent for covering a four-seat row at 15' with 9.5' L/R spread (about 42 degrees subtended angle). Maybe okay wider.

    I also agree with the comments on the high end performance of the CD/SEOS/Crossover. Music, dialogue, effects...all are stunningly impressive when the movie starts. Superbly defined, refined, dynamic, solid through the entire spectrum. Solid phantom center over a wide area in 2-channel, and insanely precise localization for specific discrete content in each channel. Easily the best LCR speaker I've ever experienced. You will not be disappointed.

  10. The best of all worlds!! review by Brian6751 on 1/27/2018

    (Posted on 5/9/17 from the old site)

    I upgraded to these from the Fusion-10 Pures. The F10's were great speakers but I was looking for something with a bigger sound and highs that were smoother and more detailed. The HTM-12's are exactly what I was looking for. They have nice smooth highs like a dome tweeter but with staggering dynamics from the compression driver and the neodymium woofer. I like to watch a lot of Blu-ray concerts along with movies and these are perfect for both. I also considered the F15's and even the Titan's but since I have a very capable subwoofer system that I prefer to use I didn't see the need and I have no regrets. The HTM-12 is a astonishing speaker especially for its price. I bought the assembled crossovers and the flat-packs as well which made the build extremely easy. This is the new point of diminishing returns in the DIYSG lineup IMO. Do not hesitate to buy these.

  11. Unbelievable good sound! review by Altzheimer on 1/27/2018

    (Posted on 5/5/17 from the old site)

    When i first was looking for a LCR setup i wanted something that could be placed flat against the wall and could do some serious midbass, i first considered the 88 Specials but it seemed like it didn´t have that lower end of the midbass i wanted. When i saw the HTM-12 i knew my search was over.

    This speaker can play very loud & clean, it does not lack any dynamics and when highpassed properly it can play at insane ear hurting soundlevels. It´s a very nice speaker with clear and detailed sound and in my opinion both suitable for music and movies.

    Build thread:

  12. Incredible! review by Brodie on 1/27/2018

    (Posted on 4/25/17 from the old site)

    I previously had a system of Polk LSiMs (705,703,706c). I purchased the HTM-12 as my front speakers and the volt-10lx as my surrounds.

    I liked the idea of waveguides and high efficiency drivers after reading Floyd Toole's book on small room acoustics. While I liked the sound of my Polks, I have a room with sub-acoustics, and was also worried about turning up the volume given I only have a receiver, not a dedicated amp. The HTM-12s seemed like a perfect fit.

    The sound quality is fantastic. I'm not one for audiophile descriptions, so I'll keep it short. It measures better in REW in room. Polks had good neutral sound, as do these. The HTM-12s are noticeably more detailed in my room than the polks. I've had two audio production/mastering friends over and they were amazed at the mastering flaws and subtle details they could pick out. Imaging is also excellent and improved. Sometimes the polks would smear the location of instruments depending on the range they were playing in. These I can localize cellos a lot better on, for example.

    This was my first time ever using wood glue or soldering. The instructions were easy to follow and having the wood CNC cut made it really easy to assemble. I live in Canada and we drove down to the border to pick them up. Fantastic packaging job, which really protected everything well. It would have been a pain to drive 6 hours one way, and find out something was broken.

    Even without the sound quality improvement, the ease of building them would have made them worth getting for the price. The complete HTM-12 + Volt10lx system cost about as much as the Polk towers by themselves did. Yet these are a sound quality improvement, and higher efficiency. Fantastic!

  13. Wow! Nothing like I've ever heard before! review by ToXIc on 1/27/2018

    (Posted on 2/19/17 from the old site)

    Wow! Nothing like I've ever heard before, I can't believe what I'm hearing. Its crazy had some Klipsch and these just blow it out of the water. I'm truly experiencing movies and music in a new light.

    I'm just playing movies I've seen before in a lil 32" tv until my screen wall can be erected and I'm totally immersed I mean heart racing etc immersed! Its incredible what sound can do...

    While I'm working on the theater room and have music playing and I've had to stop what I was doing soo many times because I hear something new and different.

  14. Fantastic, effortless sound! review by Douglas on 1/27/2018

    (Posted on 2/14/17 from the old site)

    So I am grinning ear to ear because of these HTM-12s! I bought 3 for LCR in my basement theater. I was using some Klipsch Forte IIs that had all the mods and a KLF c7 center. These were good speakers with good dynamics, but left me wanting for a little more seamless soundstage and and smoother presentation. So, Enter the HTM-12s... As a recommendation from Erich as alternative to Sentinels that wouldn't fit as well and with having 2 18 ultimax subs that they would be crossed over to, these were a perfect fit. After setting distances and a quick level match with a handheld SPL meter, I let them rip. Stunned. SO EFFORTLESS is the main thing that describes these speakers in my room. Incredibly wide sound stage that is in NO WAY boxy, no compression, fantastic dialog. Cohesiveness of the front soundstage is unlike anything I have had or heard. Coming from the Klipsch, these did not sound as bright but I can actually hear more detail. Already enjoying the smooth quality of the sound without the bits of sibilant sounds I could get on occasion with the Klipsch. These speakers disappear and exhibit nearly zero localization, which is exactly what I was looking for.

    The presence is amazing. My whole system sounds better. I was a bit of a skeptic with all the great reviews of the other SEOS designs but thought what the heck I would give these a go. I now realize they are, in all likelihood, well deserved!! Man, I couldn't be happier!! Tried out some MP3 and CDs of Dave Mathews to Metallica to Mozart, and it just brought an even bigger smile to my face! Dont let the Home Theater monitor name distract you- these are fantastic with music

    I bought the pre assembled crossovers and they are a work of art as are the flat packs. I have not even dialed everything in yet as it sounds so much better than what I had WITH Audessy xt32, I haven't had the urge. I will see if it makes a difference and perhaps write a follow up to this review. Bottom line is this is an EXCELLENT design and I wish I had found these years ago. Kudos to Matt and Erich. I will likely replace my Ascend surrounds with some Volts down the road. With results like this it is hard to stop!

    Pull the trigger and you will not be disappointed.

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Speaker Kit Information


  Model:      The HTM-12
  Designer:      Matt Grant
  Frequency Response:      55hz - 20khz (+/-3db)
  Power Range:      10 - 500 watts
  Sensitivity:      97db - 2.83v/1m
  Impedance:      8 Ohm
  Tweeter:      Denovo Audio DNA-325
  Crossover Point:      1400hz
  Woofer:      Eminence 12" Deltalite
  Enclosure Type:      Ported
  Dimensions:      18" W x 25" H x 9.75" D
  Assembled weight:      About 36 pounds

Price Break Down:

1 - Eminence 12" Deltalite woofer: $124.99
1 - Denovo DNA-325: $69.20
1 - Denovo SEOS-15 waveguide: $35
1 - Set of crossover parts: $55.92
2 - Ports: $7.80
1 - 1" thick CNC cut front baffle:  $18
1 - Set of screws and gaskets:  $1.50

Packaging Material: $5.00

Paypal Fee: $8.94

Retail Cost: $326.35

Discount Cost: $298.12 with free shipping

Please read the 'About Us' section for more information on pricing structure and quality parts used.

Specific HTM-12 Assembly Notes:

A great HTM Series assembly thread has been put together to help you build these popular designs.  Click here for all the information and pictures.

Your enclosure should be built with 3/4" thick material and the included 1" thick baffle to the dimensions listed under the specifications tab. Please note that you do not need a double thick front baffle.  You should have one horizontal "window pane" style brace between the waveguide and woofer along with one vertical brace dividing the cabinet in half.  It is recommended that you line the inner panels with 1.5" thick acoustic style foam or you could line the inner panels with 2" - 3" denim insulation, but don't block the ports with it. Please be sure to read the general tips below before starting your build. 


Recommended Tools and Supplies:

  • Quality wood glue like TiteBond.
  • At least 2 clamps 18" wide or bigger.  
  • Soldering Iron and solder unless there is an optional assembled crossover for your kit.
  • Wire cutters
  • Screwdriver
  • Drill to predrill all screw holes.
  • Sanding block or power sander.
  • About 6' of speaker wire to connect your woofers and tweeter to the crossover board.


General Tips:

    Crossover Assembly: 

  • VERY IMPORTANT - Inductors are the parts that look like small rolls of copper wire. Notice that the two ends of wire are silver and have been 'tinned' with solder. Those are the parts of the inductor that you should be soldering to, so don't cut it off to get to the copper colored portion.  Inductors should not be installed directly next to each other on your board.
  • None of the crossover parts have a positive or negative side so it doesn't matter which way they are facing when you assemble your crossover. 16-18 gauge wire is thick enough to use for your crossover or to go from your crossover board to the woofer or tweeter.
  • Your crossover can be assembled on a thin piece of MDF or pegboard if the kit doesn't come with a circuit board.
  • It doesn't matter where you put the crossover inside your speaker.  You could mount it on the outside if you wanted to.  
  • Normally you wire red wires to positive and black wires to negative.  If (and only if) your crossover schemtaic has a note saying 'Inverted Polarity', that means you need to connect the negative from the crossover to the positive on the tweeter and positive from the crossover to the negative on the tweeter.  This is only done on some tweeters, not woofers.
  • Click Here for a good assembly video by Matt Grant.


     Screws and Gaskets:

  • Predrill all screw holes with a bit that's slightly smaller than your screws to prevent the wood from splitting.  Most screws are #8 panhead and you can use a 7/64" or 1/8" drill bit.  Overnight Sensations use a #6 panhead so you can use a 3/32" bit.
  • VERY IMPORTANT:  Protect your woofer or tweeter when installing screws because you don't want the screwdriver to slip and puncture one of your components....that will ruin your day!  Consider putting your free hand next to the screw to cover up the edge of the woofer or tweeter.
  • If your kit comes with gasket tape, it should be applied to the back of the waveguide. Peel the paper off the back to expose the sticky side and slowly work it around the perimeter on the back side of the part.  Some woofers will need gasket tape as well.


     Stuffing or Lining the Speaker Cabinet:

  • If your speaker or subwoofer is a sealed cabinet, most designers recommend that you lightly fill the inside with polyfill (pillow stuffing).  If you don't have polyfill, then you can line the walls with 1" - 1.5" thick light weight open cell foam (like acoustic foam) or fiberglass insulation.  You can also use 2-3" recyled denim insulation that can be bought at Home Depot.
  • It's okay to cover up your crossover with the polyfill, insulation, or foam.
  • If you're using a ported enclosure you should lightly fill the cabinet with polyfill and be sure not to block the ports.  If you do not have polyfill then line the walls with 1" - 1.5" thick open cell foam (like acoustic foam), 2" - 3" of denim insulation, or 2" - 3" thick poly batting.
  • Some of the speaker designers like to lines the walls of their ported enclosures with a 1" - 1.5" acoustic foam, and then lightly fill the remainder of the cabinet with polyfill.  If this is a required method, it will be listed at the top of the page under 'Assembly Notes'.


Links to Build Threads for this Speaker:

Frequently Asked Questions:

* Do I need to cut the port to a certain length on the ported version?  Answer:  Yes, total length should be 3.25".

* Does this kit come with a circuit board to assemble the crossover on?  Answer:  No, most people assemble them on a small thin piece of wood

* Do I need to use a subwoofer with these?  Answer:  Yes, these were designed to be used with a subwoofer.

* Where should I put the assembled crossover?  Answer:  The crossover can go anywhere inside the cabinet as long as you don't block the ports on the ported version.

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