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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long before my order ships?  I try to package orders in 5 - 8 days.  Sometimes it's quicker, sometimes there are more orders than normal and it could take a little longer.  I test all compression drivers and flat packs prior to shipping.  I also take extra care to package your order so there are no damages during shipping.  Many people are impressed with how their items arrive and understand that a lot more care is put towards packaging your items than other companies might do.  This takes extra time, but it is worth it.

Do you ship to other countries?  I get a great discount from FedEx and pass the discount on to you.  My discount is only good inside the USA, but you can still order from this site if you are in another country.  Many people ask me to send their packages to companies called 'Shipping Forwarders'.  When that company gets your package, they will ship it to you because they get better international shipping rates.  There are many shipping forwarders in the USA such as JetCarrier, Shipito, Stackry, Ship Happens, etc.

Can you do custom work?  I'm sorry to say that I don't have enough time to do custom work.  If you need a larger number of flat packs designed and cut, I might be able to help steer you in the right direction.

Can I back-order a product when it's out of stock?  No. I purchase most of the kit components from Parts Express and Meniscus Audio and try to keep as many kits in stock as possible.  But if they run out of a tweeter, or crossover component, we all have to wait until they get those items back in stock.  I don't always know when they will be back in stock and would rather not hold your money until they do.

What is a Pre-Order or Group Buy?  Sometimes I help get products here from other countries, try to get products or speaker parts manufactured, or work on speaker kits that require large quantities of components to be purchased.  This can be a large expense so I will put up a pre-order or group buy that allows people to order the kit or product in advance.  The DIY Community works together to make things like this happen, I just help organize and package it when it comes in.