There are still some changes that need to be made to the site but it should be functional. Please understand that I've had to make each product over again and there could be some small mistakes in the descriptions that I'll be fixing over the next week or so.

I still have some products to move over from the old site and will try to do a few per day.  Thee's probably only 10-15 left to move and those were the things that rarely got ordered anyway.

I'm still working on the shipping that allows any of the accessories to ship for free with kit or flat pack purchases. If you get charged shipping for that, I will refund your Paypal account. I'll be putting up more accessories later this week.

Obviously if you see anything that really needs attention or looks confusing, please send me an email and I'll take care of it as soon as possible. If anyone has ideas to better divide up the categories, I'm always open for input.

There was no way to bring the reviews from the past site over to this site, so I'll be copy/pasting those one at a time in the next couple weeks.