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About Us

Who is Denovo Audio?


In 2010 I helped organize two small group buys for speaker cabinets because I had spare time in the winter and a small storage building next to my landscaping business.  In 2011 a couple people on the audio forums asked if I would help organize a larger group buy for some subwoofers, and later I worked with the SEOS project.  The problem was that manufacturers really needed to set up an account under an audio business name.  So there was some discussion on the AVS audio forum and I set up "Denovo Audio" in Cincinnati Ohio.  The name is now used for items I get made up such as flat packs, waveguides, custom woofers, custom compression drivers, etc.  

Crossover parts are high quality components purchased from Parts Express, Meniscus, or Madisound.

Virtually all flat packs are designed by me using Baltic birch plywood or Carb 2 Compliant mdf.  They are all cut with a commercial grade CNC machine for accuracy and easy assembly.

All woofers and tweeters are from well known companies such as Eminence, B&C, Celestion, Faital Pro, Dayton Audio, Denovo, etc. and will have their model number listed.  They are mostly purchased from the same companies I get the crossover parts from.  If one of those manufacturers makes us a custom woofer or tweeter, we are sometimes required to label them as Denovo Audio.



Who runs the site and packages orders?


On most audio forums I go by Erich H.  I have a landscaping business and currently do this in my spare time.  Eventually that might change to full time or I might have to hire someone to help with all of the projects and kits.  This site was designed to help organize "Group Buys" and help track all other projects that may benefit the DIY community.  My main focus is to organize the projects and package/ship them as fast as I can, not necessarily to know every detail about every item on the site.

 The good thing about our DIY community is that many audio forum members can help answer questions about the specific speaker kits or products I'm trying to help with.  Someone is always willing to offer assistance or knowledge, which is what makes this whole idea work.  I'm just one piece of the puzzle. I will do my absolute best to to respond to your questions, package purchased items, and ship them as soon as possible.  



How do you price kits, do you make money?


Kits are normally priced at or under retail, even after all or most of the shipping costs are covered.  I've been working with the DIY audio community for quite a few years and developed a good relationship with many of the suppliers.  They give me discounts when a large quantity is ordered.  I use the money saved to help cover "free shipping" and other expenses on the kits.  Some of them can end up with money left over.  This would be due to buying in larger quantities or if packaging material might be a little less depending on the order, closer shipments might cost less than I add in for "free shipping", etc.  If there is anything left over it's rolled into another audio project for the DIY community.  I do however add in some extra for the flat packs because these can take extra help to wrap up.  I pay a friend to help me when needed, so extra money has to be added in to cover the extra costs.